8 Pieces Odds Game

in this odds game, you will learn Climbing Silver (棒銀 bogin)

(Text moves) 1.G7b 2.P7f 3.G3b

it’s getting difficult from 8 pieces odd game compare to special odds and 10 pieces odds because white has defenders.

(Text moves) 4.P2f 5.K5b 6.P2e

Black push Rook’s Pawn and activate the Rook.

(Text move) 7.P6d 8.S3h 9.K6c 10.S2g

8.P2d is perfectly playable and then 9.Px2d 10.Rx2d 11.P*2c 12.Rx6d Black is up a pawn.

(Text moves) 11.P7d 12.S2f 13.G7c 14.S3e

the Rook and Silver attack 2-file together.

(Text moves) 15.P6e 16.P2d 17.Px2d 18.Sx2d

on move 18, taking the Pawn on 2d with the Silver is important. if White plays 18.Rx2d, Black will play 19.P*2c and Black has to retreat the Rook.

(Text moves)19.G6d 20.Sx3c+

don’t forget the Bishop’s diagonal. 20.Sx1c+ is possible, but not a good move because the promoted Silver is out of play and far away from the White King.

(Text moves)21.Gx3c 22.Bx3c+

the Gold and Silver are almost equal value and basically, trading an attacker for a defender is beneficial.

(Text moves)23.P7e 24.R2b+ 25.Px7f

the Rook and Bishop are promoted. it’s time to attack the White King.

(Text moves)26.+B5a 27.K5d 28.P4f 29P4d.30.+R5b 31.P*2h

Black cuts off White King’s escape routes. 26.+B5a prevents White from playing k7c. 28.P4f controls 4e-square and threatens G*4e. 30.+R5b controls 4c-square.

(Text moves) 32.+B6b 33.Px2i+ 34.+Rx5c

there’re many winning moves for Black. important thing is that making a situation that 2 major pieces attack the same square as text moves.

1: ☖G-3b
2: ☗P-7f
3: ☖G-7b
4: ☗P-2f
5: ☖K-5b
6: ☗P-2e
7: ☖P-6d
8: ☗S-3h
9: ☖K-6c
10: ☗S-2g
11: ☖P-7d
12: ☗S-2f
13: ☖G-7c
14: ☗S-3e
15: ☖P-6e
16: ☗P-2d
17: ☖Px2d
18: ☗Sx2d
19: ☖G-6d
20: ☗Sx3c+
21: ☖Gx3c
22: ☗Bx3c+
23: ☖P-7e
24: ☗R-2b+
25: ☖Px7f
26: ☗+B-5a
27: ☖K-5d
28: ☗P-4f
29: ☖P-4d
30: ☗+R-5b
31: ☖P*2h
32: ☗+B-6b
33: ☖Px2i+
34: ☗+Rx5c

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