Double Wing Rook

Shogi game explained

(Text moves) 1.P2f 2.P8d 3.P2e 4.P8e 5.G7h 6.G3b

Double Wing Rook.

(Text moves) 7.P2d 8.Px2d 9.Rx2d 10.P*2c

(Text moves) 11.R2h 12.P8f 13.Px8f 14.Rx8f 15.P*8g 16.R8d

(Text moves) 17.S3h 18.S7b 19.P4f 20.S8c

19.P4f: 19.S2g is perfectly playable.

20.S8c: aggressive move.

(Text moves) 21.P7f 22.S7d 23.P4e 24.S6e.

23.P4e: another option is 23.B6f and then, 24.R8b 25.N7g

24.S6e: if 24.S8e is played, 25.R2f 26.P*8f 27.Px8f 28.Sx8f 29.B6f

(Text moves) 25.R2f 26.S5d 27.P3f 28.P3d

26.S5d: it turns out that White let Black play P4e on purpose and targets the Pawn on 4e.

27.P3f: 27.P4d is possible.

28.P3d: 28.Sx4e is possible.

(Text moves) 29.N3g 30.N3c 32.K6b 33.S4g 34.Nx4e

32.K6b: White gets the White King away from 3 files and 4 files. this opening is no longer in book.

34.Nx4e: White has no choice. White can’t play Nx4e after Black plays S5f.

(Text moves) 35.Nx4e 36.Sx4e 37.R2e 38.P3e

37.R2e: if White plays 38.S5d, Black would play 39.N*4f

38.P3e: if Black plays 39.Px3e, White would play 40.Bx8h+ 41.Sx8h 42.B*1d 43.R2g 44.N*1e 45.R3g 46.R2d

(Text moves) 39.Bx2b+ 40.Sx2b 41.Rx3e 42.S3d

39.Bx2b+: 39.G3h is possible.

(Text moves) 43.B*6f 44.R6d 45.R8e 46.P*8d

46.P*8d: if Black plays 47.Rx8d, White will play 48.B*9e

(Text moves) 47.R5e 48.B*3g 49.P*4f 50.P5d

48.B*3g: threatens Rx6f

(Text moves) 51.R7e 52.P7d 53.Bx2b+ 54.Gx2b

52.P7d: both Rooks are short on suquares.

53.Bx2b+: 53.R9e doesn’t work because 54.P9d

(Text moves) 55.N*5f 56.Px7e 57.Nx6d 58.Px6d

58.Px6d: White is much ahead in material.

(Text moves) 59.R*8b 60.B*7b 61.S*8c 62.K7a

59.R*8b: other options are 59.R*3a and 59.R*4b

62.K7a: prevents Black from playing Sx7b+ Gx7b Rx8a+

(Text moves) 63.P3e 64.Sx3e 65.Rx7b+ 66.Gx7b

64.Sx3e: 64.S2e is better.

(Text moves) 67.B*5c 68.N*6b 69.Sx7b+ 70.Kx7b

67.B*5c: attacks the King on 7a and the Silver on 3e.

(Text moves) 71.G*5b 72.R*2h 73.P*3h 74.B2f+

71.G*5b: 71.Bx3e is better.

72.R*2h: if Black plays 73.G3h, White would play 74.N*6e and Black can’t play 75.Gx2h because 76.S*5i 77.K6i 77.Nx5g 78.K5h 79.B4h+

(Text moves) 75.Bx6b+ 76.K8b 77.N*7d 78.K8c

78.K8c: the White King is naked but Black is short in material.

(Text moves) 79.Px7e 80.R*2i 81.+B6a 82.S*7b

80.R*2i: 80.R2i+ is better.

82.S*7b: 82.P*7b is better.

(Text moves) 83.+B7a 84.S7c 85.S5h 86.K9b

86.K9b: protects the Knight on 8a.

(Text moves) 87.G6b 88.Sx4f 89.G7g 90.N*6e 91.+B7b 92.Rx3h+ resign

88.Sx46: opens up the 2g-promoted Bishop’s diagonal

92.Rx3h+: If Black plays 93.Gx3h, White will play 94.R5i+ or 94.+B5i.

1: ☗P-2f
2: ☖P-8d
3: ☗P-2e
4: ☖P-8e
5: ☗G-7h
6: ☖G-3b
7: ☗P-2d
8: ☖Px2d
9: ☗Rx2d
10: ☖P2c 11: ☗R-2h 12: ☖P-8f 13: ☗Px8f 14: ☖Rx8f 15: ☗P8g
16: ☖R-8d
17: ☗S-3h
18: ☖S-7b
19: ☗P-4f
20: ☖S-8c
21: ☗P-7f
22: ☖S-7d
23: ☗P-4e
24: ☖S-6e
25: ☗R-2f
26: ☖S-5d
27: ☗P-3f
28: ☖P-3d
29: ☗N-3g
30: ☖N-3c
31: ☗K-6h
32: ☖K-6b
33: ☗S-4g
34: ☖Nx4e
35: ☗Nx4e
36: ☖Sx4e
37: ☗R-2e
38: ☖P-3e
39: ☗Bx2b+
40: ☖Sx2b
41: ☗Rx3e
42: ☖S-3d
43: ☗B6f 44: ☖R-6d 45: ☗R-8e 46: ☖P8d
47: ☗R-5e
48: ☖B3g 49: ☗P4f
50: ☖P-5d
51: ☗R-7e
52: ☖P-7d
53: ☗Bx2b+
54: ☖Gx2b
55: ☗N5f 56: ☖Px7e 57: ☗Nx6d 58: ☖Px6d 59: ☗R8b
60: ☖B7b 61: ☗S8c
62: ☖K-7a
63: ☗P-3e
64: ☖Sx3e
65: ☗Rx7b+
66: ☖Gx7b
67: ☗B5c 68: ☖N6b
69: ☗Sx7b+
70: ☖Kx7b
71: ☗G5b 72: ☖R2h
73: ☗P3h 74: ☖B-2f+ 75: ☗Bx6b+ 76: ☖K-8b 77: ☗N7d
78: ☖K-8c
79: ☗Px7e
80: ☖R2i 81: ☗+B-6a 82: ☖S7b
83: ☗+B-7a
84: ☖S-7c
85: ☗S-5h
86: ☖K-9b
87: ☗G-6b
88: ☖Sx4f
89: ☗G-7g
90: ☖N*6e
91: ☗+B-7b
92: ☖Rx3h+
93: ☗Resign