10 Pieces Odds Game

this odds game is for people who have just learned Shogi piece movements and rules. there are many pieces on the board compared to special odds game, but the main idea is the same that attacking the enemy King with the Rook and the Bishop.

(Text moves)1.K4b 2.P7f 3.P5d 4. P2f

2.P7f and 4.P2f are important to activate major pieces.

(Text moves)5.P6d 6.P2e

since there’re not defenders for White, you don’t need many attackers. just focus on using the Rook and Bishop.

(Text moves)7.P6e 8.P2d 9.Px2d 10. Rx2d

some beginners might be afraid of giving up pieces to your opponents but that’s not something you can avoid, and there are always trades in Shogi. 10.Rx2d threatens R2b+

(Text moves)11.K3b 12.Rx5d

11.K3b is the only move to guard 2c, 2b, and 2a squares. 12.Rx5d threatens to promote.

(Text moves)13.K2c 14.R5b+

if white plays 13.K4b, Black can play 14.R6d 15.K5b 16.R2d(Bx3c+) there’s no way to prevent Rook promotion for White.

(Text moves)15.K2d 16.+R2b

White has no good moves but keep moving around.

(Text moves)17.K3e 18.Bx3c+

even if White plays 17.P*2c, Black still can play 14.Bx3c+. it’s important that you recognize that the promoted Rook and the promoted Bishop are connected.

(Text moves)19.K4e 20.+R2d

20.+R2d prevents White from playing K5d and threatens mate in 1…

(Text moves)21.P9d 22.+R3D

White can’t take the promoted Rook on 3d because the major pieces are connected.

other good moves.


hint: use the Bishop to promote



there’s no way to prevent Bishop promotion (Bx9c+) B6f is a good move for sure, but personally, I don’t really want to recommend to play it because it’s too “odds game move” you could not apply the move if your opponent has more pieces.


hint: since the Bishop attacks 3c-square, you want to add an attacker that attacks 3c-square.



R2f threatens R3f to play Rx3c+ or Bx3c+.

1: ☖K-4b
2: ☗P-7f
3: ☖P-5d
4: ☗P-2f
5: ☖P-6d
6: ☗P-2e
7: ☖P-6e
8: ☗P-2d
9: ☖Px2d
10: ☗Rx2d
11: ☖K-3b
12: ☗Rx5d
13: ☖K-2c
14: ☗R-5b+
15: ☖K-2d
16: ☗+R-2b
17: ☖K-3e
18: ☗Bx3c+
19: ☖K-4e
20: ☗+R-2d
21: ☖P-9d
22: ☗+R-3d

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