81 Dojo Tutorial

Are you looking for a Shogi website in English where you can play Shogi online for free? 81Dojo(81道場) is highly recommended.

81 Dojo has the following two characteristics.

1.International platform

a lot of players come from around the world. 81Dojo is user-friendly, and There are some options for English speakers to make it easier to play Shogi. If you’re a competitive player, there is a Wonderful league called World Shogi League.

2.Features for post mortem

81 Dojo gives you all the tools you need for post mortem. After the game you just played, you can use Game screen sharing, arrow, and Auto-translated templates. You can even exchange with someone who doesn’t speak the same language.

Sign up


Log in


Click on the screen of “Entrance

The Lobby Page

Update the player lists.

The settings to play a game.

The settings to play a game.

You can search for the user you want to know.


The link of other web pages in 81Dojo.

Ranking https://system.81dojo.com/en/ranking

Kifu Search https://system.81dojo.com/en/kifus/search/form

World Forum https://system.81dojo.com/en/forums

Tournaments https://system.81dojo.com/en/tournaments

Clubs https://system.81dojo.com/en/circles

Titles https://system.81dojo.com/en/titles

Search Player Info https://system.81dojo.com/en/players/search/form

Manage Favorite Users https://system.81dojo.com/en/players/favorites

Apply For Diploma https://system.81dojo.com/en/certificate

Contact Form https://system.81dojo.com/en/inquiries/new

Log out

The Game Screen

You can click on it in your turn.

The calculator of pieces. it’s used in entering king game.

Rotate the board.

Erase the arrow you made

Give the host status of analysis mode

Rematch in the same condition if the both players click on it.

When you click on “Greet”, the image below pops up.

I hope you will find it helpful

please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

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