Static Rook vs 4th-file Rook

an advanced computer vs an advanced computer

(Text moves) 1.P7f 2.P3d 3.P2f 4.P4d 5.S4h 6.S3b 7.P5f 8.R4b

Static Rook vs 4th-Rook

(Text moves) 9.K6h 10.K6b 11.K7h 12.K7b 13.G4i-5h 14.K8b 15.P9f 16.L9b

White develops Anaguma

(Text moves) 17.B7g 18.S4c 19.K8h 20.K9a 21.S7h

Black develops Mino

(Text moves) 22.S8b 23.S5g 24.G7a 25.P2e 26.B3c 27.P8f 29.S8g

White develops Silver Crown.

(Text moves) 30.P6d 31.G7h 32.G6c

32.G5b-6b is another option for White. Anaguma with 6c-Gold has more options for attack and defense.

(Text moves) 33.P3f 34.P7d 35.P6f 36.P4e 37.P6e

if Black plays 38.Px6e, then that continuation would be 39.P2d 40.Px2d 41.Bx3c+ 42.Nx3c 43.Rx2d(orB*7g)

(Text moves) 38.S4d 39.Px6e 40.Gx6d 41.G5h-6g

both White and Black still play book moves.

(Text moves) 42.P*6d 43.K9h 44.P9d 45.P8e

[Another line] 45.P2d 46.Px2d(46.Bx2d 47.P*2b) 47.P3e 48.Sx3e 49.Bx3c+ 50.Nx3c 51.P3f

Playing 45.P2d first is important. if Black plays 45.P3e first, then 46.Sx3e 47.Bx3c+ 48.Nx3c 49.P2d 50.P4f 51.Px2c+ 52.N4e. as you can see, P2d could be ignored.

Back to the position after 45.P8e (text move)

(Text moves) 46.G6c 47.B8f 48.R6b 49.N7g 50.G7c

Trying to attack 6-file is a common idea for White in this battle of Static Rook with Silver Crown vs 4-file Rook with Anaguma

(Text moves) 51.P6f 52.Px6f 53.Sx6f 54.P6d

White’s advanced Pawn is removed. White is dissatisfied with it.

[Another line] 51.P2d 52.Px2d 53.P*2b 54.Rx2b 55.Nx6e

(Text moves) 55.P2d 56.Bx2d 57.K8h

if White plays 56.Px2d, then Black would play 57.N3g. the pawn sacrifice of 55.P2d prevents B1e. if Black plays 55.N3g, then 56.P3e 57.R2f 58.B1e.

(Text moves) 58.P8d 59.Px8d 60.P*8e 61.B9g 62.P4f 63.Px4f 64.N3c

58.P8d is risky. White kind of ruin himself.

62.P4f is for 64.N3c. if White plays 62.N3c,white would play 63.P*2e, then 64.B1e, 65.P1f. 66.B5i+ 67.P2d

(Text moves) 65.P6c 66.Rx6c 67.Rx2d 68.Px2d 69.B5b

Black catches White off guard. Black wants to into the end game because the Pawn on 8d is still alive and the Silver on 4d is out of play for the moment.

(Text moves) 70.R6b 71.Bx3d+ 72.R*6i 73.+Bx4d 74.Rx2i+ 75.+Bx5c

Black is ahead in material.

(Text moves) 76.N*8f 77.Sx8f 78.Px8f 79.Bx8f

Black simplifies. 76.G7h-6h and Nx8e are candidate moves. perhaps,76.P*6i is also possible.

(Text moves) 80.P*8g 81.Gx8g 82.Gx8d 83.P6c 84.R7b 85.P*8e 86.G8c

if Black plays 81.Kx8g,White will play 82.+Rx9i

(Text moves) 87.N8d 88.+R2h 89.S6h 90.S*5h

if White plays 90.S*5i,Black would play 91.S6f-5g

(Text moves) 91.Nx7b+ 92.Gx7b 93.R*1h 94.+Rx1h 95.Lx1h 96.Sx6g 97.Sx6g

if Black plays 91.G5g, White will play 92.S6i+(or S5i)

96.R*2h is better.

(Text moves) 98.R2h 99.K9g 100.R2i+ 101.S8h 102.G*7a

101.S*8h: Black plays it safe.P6b+ and L9h are also winning moves.

102.G*7a: White has no way to cotinue attacking.

(Text moves) 103.R*5b 104.P6e 105.P8d 106.G8c-7c 107.P6b+ 108.Px6f

if Black plays 105.Nx6e, White will play 106.P*6a

(Text moves) 109.+Px7a 110.Sx7a 111.+Bx7a 112.Gx7a

Black tries to finish.

(Text moves) 113.Rx9b+ 114.Kx9b 115.S*8c 116.Gx8c 117.Px8c+ 118.Kx8c

(Text moves) 119.P*8d 120.K7b 121.B5c+ resign

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