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Shogi game explained

(Text moves)1.P2f 2.P3d 3.P7f 4.P8d 5.P2e 6.P8e 7.G7h 8.G3b

(Text moves) 9.P2d 10.Px2d 11.Rx2d 12.P8f 13.Px8f 14.Rx8f

(Text moves) 15.Rx3d 16.B3c 17.R3f 18.R8d 19.R2f 20.S2b

(Text moves) 21.P*8g 22.K5b 23.P1f 24.Bx8h+ 25.Sx8h 26.N3c

24.Bx8h+ 26.N3c: these moves are rare to see.

(Text moves) 27.S7g 28.R5d 29.S4h 30.P*2e

(Text moves) 31.R2h 32.R2d 33.P*2g 34.P9d 35.K6h 36.P9e

31.R2h: Black has no choice. if Black plays 31.R3f, White will play 32.B*2h

32.R2d: threatens P2f

33.P*2g: Black is patient.

35.K6h: 35.P9f is possible.

(Text moves) 37.P3f 38.S7b 39.S3g 40.K6b

40.K6b: this is a kind of book move.

(Text moves) 41.S4f 42.K7a 43.K7i 44.K8b

41.S4f: put pressure on 2d-Rook

42.K7a 44.K8b: White King enters into Half Mino

(Text moves) 45.K8h 46.S2c 47.P6f 48.S3d

45.K8h: Black King enters into Half Yagura

46.S2c: 46.S3a is possible.

47.P6f: it’s not clear White’s plan.

(Text moves) 49.S3g 50.P4d 51.G5h 52.S4c

49.S3g: Black loses time.

50.P4d: another option is 50.G4b

(Text moves) 53.P5f 54.S8c 55.P8f 56.G7b

54.S8c 56.G7b: White develops Silver crown.

(Text moves) 57.G5h-6g 58.B*4i 59.R4h 60.Bx2g+

58.B*4i: threatens P*3h

59.R4h: 59.G6g-6h is better.

60.Bx2c+: 60.Bx6g is possible and then 61.Gx6g 62.N4e.

(Text moves) 61.P*2h 62.+Bx3g 63.Nx3g 64.P2f

62.+Bx3g: 62.P2f is possible.

(Text moves) 65.B*4f 66.R2a 67.P6e 68.P2g+ 69.Px2g 70.Rx2g+

65.B*4f: 65.B*1h doesn’t work because 66.S*2g

(Text moves) 71.P2d 72.P4e 73.B5g 74.P*2b

71.P*2d: 71.P8e is better.

74.P*2b: 74.+Rx3g is better.

(Text moves) 75.P8e 76.+Rx3g 77.P8d 78.S9d 79.R6h 80.+Rx4g

79.R6h: Black has no offensive move

(Text moves) 81.P3e 82.+R4i 83.P3d 84.P*8g

84.P*8g: if Black plays 85.Gx8g, White would play 86.S*7i

(Text moves) 85.K9h 86.Sx3d 87.P2c+ 88.Px2c 89.B7e 90.G4c

89.B7e: threatens Bx5c+.

(Text moves) 91.P6d 92.Px6d 93.Bx6d 94.P*6f

91.P6d: tries to get a Pawn in hand.

(Text moves) 95.Gx6f 96.P*6c 97.B7e 98.+Rx1i

98.+Rx1i: White plays it safe. 98.P9f is possible.

(Text moves) 99.P*4d 100.G5d 101.P5e 102.G6d

99.P*4d: 99.B*6a is possible.

(Text moves) 103.B*6a 104.L*8e 105.Bx6d 106.Px6d

105.Bx6d: another choice is 105.P8c+ and then 106.Sx8c 107.P*8f.

(Text moves) 107.G*8c 108.Sx8c 109.Px8c+ 110.Gx8c

107.G*8c: other candidate moves are 108.P*6i and 109.G7e

(Text moves) 111.S*7b 112.G*8h 113.Sx8h 114.Px8h+

111.S*7b: threatens checkmate.

(Text moves) 115.Gx8h 116.S*8g 117.Gx8g 118.Lx8g+

116.S*8g: if White plays 116.Lx8h+, Black will Play 117.Rx8h and Black will win.

(Text moves) 119.Kx8g 120.+Rx8i 121.G*8h 122.S*8f

120.+Rx81: there are many ways to checkmate.

(Text moves) 123.Kx8f 124.N*7d 125.K7g 126.B*8f

(Text moves) 127.K6g 128.Bx6h+ 129.Kx6h 130.R*6i

(Text moves) 131.K5h 132.+Rx8h 133.P*6h 134.Rx6h+ 135.K4g 136.G*4f resign

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