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Shogi game explained

(Text moves) 1.P7f 2.P3d 3.P2f 4.P8d 5.P2e 6.P8e 7.G7h 8.G3b

(Text moves) 9.P2d 10.Px2d 11.Rx2d 12.P8f 13.Px8f 14.Rx8f 15.Rx3d 16.B3c

(Text moves) 17.R3f 18.S2b 19.P*8g 20.R8e

(Text moves) 21.R2f 22.K4a 23.K5h 24.S6b 25.P3f 26.G5a

(Text moves) 27.S3h 28.P7d 29.N3g 30.N7c

(Text moves) 31.G4h 32.P*8f 33.Px8f 34.Rx8f

(Text moves) 35.P3e 36.R8e

35.P3e: protects 7f-Pawn and attacks 3-file.

(Text moves) 37.Bx3c+ 38.Nx3c 39.P3d 40.Rx8i+

39.P3d: 39.S8h is better.

(text moves) 41.Px3c+ 42.Sx3c 43.R2a+ 44.P*3a

44.P*3a: the structure of a Pawn under a Gold is very strong in endgames.44.G3a doesn’t work because of 45.B*2c.

(Text moves) 45.P*3d 46.S4d 47.N*2d 48.G3b-4b

46.S4d: 46.N*8f is better.

(Text moves) 49.B*2b 50.K5b 51.Bx3a+ 52.B*9e

52.B*9e threatens +Rx7h Sx7h G*5i

(Text moves) 53.G4i 54.+Rx7h 55.Sx7h 56.G*6h

54.+Rx7h: if White plays 54.N*3f threatening +Rx7h Sx7h G*6h, Black would play 55.P4f.

(Text moves) 57.K4h 58.N*3f 59.K3i 60.G5i

60.G5i: threatens Gx4i Sx4i G*2h

(Text moves) 61.G4h 62.B6h+ 63.R*8b 64.Nx4h+ 65.Kx4h 66.+B5h 67.K3i 68.G*4h

61.G4h: if Black plays 61.N3b+, White would play 62.Gx4i 63.Sx4i 64.G*2h 65.+Rx2h 66.Nx2h+ 67.Kx2h 68.Gx3b 69.+Bx3b 70.N*3f.

63.R*8b: threatens +Bx4b Gx4b G*5a

(Text moves) 69.K2h 70.Gx3h 71.K2g 72.S*4a

71.K2g: Black can’t play 72.Kx3h because 73.+B4i 74.K2i 75.S*3h

72.S*4a: White has no sufficient material.

(Text moves) 73.N*3c 74.Gx3g 75.Kx3g 76.N*4e

(Text moves) 77.K2g 78.P*2f 79.K1f 80.Sx3c 81.Px3c+ resign.

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