Shogi Openings

There are two main types of openings. Static Rook( 居飛車 Ibisya) is that using the Rook statically. You move R-Pawn to 2f-2e to activate the Rook. Ranging Rook(振り飛車 Furibisya) is that using the Rook on the left side. besides, they are divided into many openings.

Static Rook

Double Wing Attack(相掛り Aigakari): there are not many book moves relatively. you might tend to meet unfamiliar positions.

Side Pawn Picker(横歩取り Yokofudori): one of the most intense openings. there are many traps for each other. you could lose easily if you don’t know book moves.

Yagura(矢倉 Yagura): both sides can develop pieces well. it’s said that Yagura is the classic of Shogi.

Bishop Exchange(角換り Kakugawari): both sides have Bishops in hand from the beginning. you need to be careful not to let your opponent put the Bishop in your area.

Ranging Rook

Opposing Rook(向飛車 Mukaibisya): you can play this opening if your opponent plays P8e early. the purpose of this opening is that trying to counter-attack by playing P8f Px8f Bx8f(or Rx8f)

3rd-file Rook(三間飛車 Sankenbisya): it might be hard to play because it’s unclear how to use the Rook. the Rook guards the Bishop’s head indirectly.

Ishida Style(石田流 Isidaryu): it’s aggressive more than 3rd-file Rook. usually, this opening is for Black.

Masuda’s Ishida Style(升田式石田流 Masudashikiishidaryu): it’s hard to play because both sides have the Bishop in hand and the Black Rook is in the middle of rank.

4th-file Rook(四間飛車 Shikenbisya): it’s a popular opening for beginners because it’s easy to develop pieces and you can activate your Rook and Bishop at the same time when you play P6e. the downside is that you tend to be passive.

Central Rook(中飛車 Nakabisya): it’s hard to play because the left Gold tends to go to the left side.

Gokigen Central Rook(ゴキゲン中飛車 Gokigennakabisya): it’s aggressive more than Central Rook. it is named after a professional Shogi player, Masakazu Kondou 6Dan, who won many matches with it in 2004 and was always cheerful (cheerful means “Gokigen” in Japanese)

Double Ranging Rook(相振り飛車 Aifuribisya): you need to come up with how to develop pieces because this opening tends to be out of book.

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