How to improve Shogi skills. 3 Tips to get better.

1 Tactics

a Tactic is used to make the most of the pieces or to put it simply, a Tactic is a good move or sequence of moves that gain an advantage. Knowing Tactics tells you where you need to go in your games. In the middle game, you may be confused about what to think, but if you can recognize or smell that something tactical is there, you can start thinking to make it happen. On the other hand, you might be stuck with what to think if you don’t know that tactics exist. You need to learn Tactics to gain an advantage to win!

2 Solve mate puzzles.

Since the purpose of Shogi is to checkmate your opponent king, enhance recognition of matting patterns is essential. Let’s say, you’re winning in your games, and your opponent king is exposed, but you don’t know checkmate patterns, you could let your opponent turn the tables at ease. Shogi positions are reversed often. If you work hard on solving mate puzzles, you’re going to eventually have different aspects of endgames. It would be a great feeling. Solving mate puzzles also Improves your ability of visualization, because you have to visualize at least the last position to make sure that the king is trapped. If you have a big goal of Shogi, keep solving mate puzzles until finding mate in 5 becomes second nature.

3 Analyze your games

Why going over your games is important is that you can learn from your mistakes to try not to make the same mistake in your future games. You’re going to come across familiar positions that you’ve had, so reviewing your games never be a waste of time. Identify bad moves, recall your thought process, and find hidden Tactics. Those your effort develop your intuition. If it’s hard for you to analyze, you can look back on any thought or any feeling of the game you play. You don’t need to stick to get done it perfectly from the start. You can do it step by step until analyzing your games becomes a habit.

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