4 Pieces Odds game

in this odds game, you will learn how to attack the edge with Climbing Silver.

(Text moves) 1.S6b 2.P7f 3.P5d 4.P2f 5.S5c 6.P2e

(Text moves) 7.G3b 8.P2d 9.Px2d 10.Rx2d 11.P*2c 12.R2h 13.K5b

trading Pawns is important. the Pawn in hand will be a great attacker for Black.

(Text moves) 14.S3h 15.G6b 16.S2g 17.P7f 18. S2f

Black develops the right Silver.

(Text moves) 19.G7c 20.S2e

20.S2e threatens P*2d Px2d Sx2d

(Text moves) 21.S2b 22.P1f 23.D6d 24.P1e

21.S2b guards 2c-suare.

(Text moves) 25.P5e 26.P1d 27.Px1d 28.P*1b

25.P5e blocks Bishop’s diagonal. Black adds an attacker, 28.P*1b. there is another Pawn tactic, 28.P*1c, but it doesn’t work out for Black because 29.Nx1c(29.Sx1c 30.Lx1d) 30.Sx1d 31.P*1b.

(Text moves) 29.S4d 30.Sx1d 31.P*1c

if you consider 30.P1a+ 32.Sx1a 33.Sx1d, you’re a good player, but the position after 34.S2b, 35.P*1c 36.P*1a is not clear.

(Text moves) 32.Sx2c+ 33.Sx2c 34.P1a+

32.Sx2c+ is an unusual great move. Black loses material, but opening up 2-file for the Rook is beneficial than it looks. 32.P1a+ is a good move but after 33.Px1d 34.+Px2a 35.S1c, compensation for Black isn’t good enough. 33.Gx2c doesn’t work because 34.P1a+ 35.Sx1a 36.Rx2c+.

(Text moves) 35.N7c 36.+Px2a 37.S3d 38.Lx1c+

there’s no good defensive move for White without Pawns in hand.

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