2 Pieces Odds game

(Text moves) 1.S6b 2.P7f 3.P5f 4.P4f 5.S5c 6.P4e

you might feel weird with 4.P4f and 6.P4e, but these moves are important to prevent White from playing P4d blocking Bishop’s diagonal. and you need to play them early because if Black plays quiet move like 6.S4h, Black can play 7.P4f.

(Text moves) 7.G3b 8.P3f 9.K5b 10.P3e

it turns out that P4e is important to keep Bishop’s diagonal. 10.P3e threatens P3d as Bishop’s diagonal isn’t blocked.

(Text moves) 11.S2b 12.S4h 13.P6d 14.S4g 15.P7d 16.R3h

11.S2b can’t be helped to play. if White plays 11.P6d, Black can play 12.P3d 13.S2b 14.Px3c+ 15.Sx3c 16.P*3d 17.S2b and develops pieces as the text moves below. 2b-Silver can’t move if 3c-Pawn is gone, because of Bishop’s diagonal.

(Text moves) 17.K6c 18.P3d 19.Px3d 20.Rx3d 21.P*3c 22.R3f

don’t forget to exchange Pawns. some people fail to play 18.R3f.

(Text moves) 23.G6b 24.G7b 25.P9d 26.P9f 27.G7c

26.P9f makes room for the Black King and Bishop.

(Text moves) 28.S6h 29.P6e 30.K6i 31.G6d 32.P5f

32.P5f prevents White from playing P5e to block Bishop’s diagonal.

(Text moves) 33.N7c 34.G5h 35.P8d 36.N3g 37.P8e

Black completes Grab castle with 34.G5h

(Text moves) 38.S4f 39.P7e 40.Px7e 41.Gx7e

Black’s position is beautiful. there’s almost no offside piece for Black. 38.S4f threatens P5e Px5e Sx5e to remove the Gold on 6f. some people might be afraid to let the Gold on 6f advance to the e-rank but White can’t attack with one attacker.

(Text moves) 42.P5e 43.Px5e

42.P5e threatens Px5d Kx5d(Sx5d P*5e)S5e.

(Text moves) 44.P*5d 45.Sx5d 46.Sx5e 47.Sx5e 48.Bx5e

44.P*5d is a great move. 44.Sx5e is a natural move but after 45.P*5d, the Silver on 5e has to retreat. 44.P4d is a also great move. 48.Bx5e threatens S*6d.

(Text moves) 49.S*6f 50.B4f 51.P*5e

there are many options for Black. 49.B8h is perfectly playable. White has no good defensive move because the Silver on 2b and the Gold on 3b are out of play.

(Text moves) 52.B3e 53.S5c 54.P*7f 55.G7d 56.S*7e

52.B3e threatens B7a+. there are many winning moves for Black but removing the Gold on 7d makes it easy to win for Black.

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